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Ideal Karate Belt Display

Showcase Your Achievement with the Ideal Karate Belt Display.

The custom handmade center wooden spool allows you to interchange display discs at anytime. Personalize with your own Karate Patch, School Logo, Ju-Jitsu Team Patch or Photo. 


Great gift idea for the Martial Artist in your life!




  • Compact to fit easily on your wall.

  • Easy assembly with step by step instructions.

  • Time saver - mounts in minutes with one mounting screw.

  • No leveling needed like other wall racks.

  • No bulky racks which take up space.

  • No empty slots drawing attention to what you haven't achieved instead of showcasing what you have.

  • No taking up table space where they can fall.

  • Kids and adults love to watch their Ideal Karate Belt Display grow with their achievements.

  • Unique personalization, your Ideal Karate Belt Display has changeable display discs to represent your martial arts journey.


*In the martial arts, the belt is a great source of pride and honor.  Build confidence in your child and inspire healthy competition to achieve his or her "personal best" with a personalized Ideal Karate Belt Display.  Suitable for children ages 3 and above.  




  • Installation instructions and components

  • One IDEAL Karate Belt Display.

  • One FREE 3" wood disc with Black Belt Excellence sticker attached.

  • One 3" wood disc for personalization with one blank sticker (a school/team patch or photo can also be affixed to disc).

  • Belts not included. 


* Made In the USA.

*Our art work is copyright protected.


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