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A 5th degree Black Belt (Parker/Planas Lineage) Rich has been studying Kenpo since he was 10 years old, has been an instructor since his 20's and continues his lifelong education in the Kenpo by attending seminars with Huk Planas.


His martial arts education began with the Tracy System taught by Cliff Jewell, then transitioned to the original Kenpo system in 1988. Rich has also trained and competed as a kickboxer and studied Jiu Jitsu under the instruction of  Rosendo Diaz of Harleysville, PA.  

Inspired by Master Zach Whitson's re-counter program, Rich developed a system of drills utilizing Kenpo techniques called Kenpo Combat. Kenpo Combat trains students at every level to respond instinctively to an attack utilizing learned techniques which prepares them for real world self defense while also offering a challenging training experience.  

Rich has competitive experience in boxing and kickboxing and has trained amateur boxers for professional matches as a licensed trainer/coach by the Pennsylvania Boxing Commission.  In addition, he has worked with college and Pro football players to improve their hand speed and footwork through Kenpo training.

Rich is dedicated to the Martial Arts; perfecting his own technique and continuing to teach his students the art he loves and watching them transition from student of martial arts to Martial Artist.  


2004 Lansdale K.W.C. Karate Championships 1st Place Heavyweight DivIsion Fighting

Also competed in the Top 10 Nationals in Atlantic City NJ, And the Washington D.C. Fighting Championships.

1992 Newtown Pa. Karate Championships 1st Place Heavyweight Division Fighting (Trainer Cliff Jewell/Chuck Cohen) 

1995 Newtown Pa. Karate Championships 1st Place Heavyweight DivIsion Fighting (Trainer Chuck Cohen)

1993 Newtown Pa. Karate Championships 1st Place Grand Champion Fighting (Trainer Chuck Cohen)

1984 W.K.A. Amateur Kickboxing 1st place (Trainer Cliff Jewell)

1981 A.K.A. Amateur Kickboxing 1st place (Trainer Cliff Jewell)




1996 to present - training from the Parker/Planas Lineage.

1998 - 2006 member of the K.W.C

1997 - 99 Member of the American Kenpo Karate System A.K.K.S.

1991 - 95 Member of the World Wide Kenpo Assoc. W.K.K.A.

1984 - Member of the World Kickboxing Assoc. W.K.A.

1981 - Member of the American Kickboxing Assoc. A.K.A.


2014 - 5th Degree Black (Instructor Master Richard "Huk" Planas) 

2013 - Blue Belt in Jui Jitsu (Instructor Rosendo Diaz)

2009 - Began training Brazilian Jui Jitsu, (Instructor Rosendo Diaz)

2006 - 4th Degree Black (Instructor Mike Cappi)
2001 - 3rd Degree Black (Instructor Mike Cappi)
1995 - 2nd Degree Black (Instructor Cliff Jewell)
1992 - Black Belt (Instructor Cliff Jewell)
1976 - Began training in Kenpo (
Instructor Cliff Jewell)

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