• I have known Rich since he was about 14. He has always been an EXCELLENT student, eager to learn, inquisitive and able to quickly apply what he has learned. Rich has developed into an exemplary teacher, a dedicated practicing martial artist and a resourceful fighter. Anyone desiring an outstanding martial arts (Kenpo) experience would do very well to search out Rich's school. John W. Gibson

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    Rich's passion for the Martial Arts truly shows in my humble network Dojo Village. Rich has built bridges across the world by bringing martial artists together through friendships that under other circumstances would not have the opportunity. His connection with his students and piers are truly amazing outside his dojo walls showing you what a True Blackbelt is. His determination and conviction are assets for anyone that would have the opportunity to work or train with him. Osu...Rich!

  • Project Manager GSC. Limited Bermuda

    I first met Rich when we were training together at American Self Defense in Feasterville PA. Rich and I started full contact kickboxing together. I moved on and left Martial Arts for 30 years until finally i decided to pursue it once more. I reached out to some of the people i trained with to see how they were doing and there was Rich. He had devoted his life to his art. He immediately responded to me and let me know i was still part of his Martial Arts family. Rich is not just a Martial Artist and teacher but He lives the Martial Way. His devotion does not stop when he leaves the training hall. This is rare and when we find that in a teacher it is truly something special something we should hold close. I hope someday to be able to visit His school and have the honor to train with Rich again.

  • Director IT Innovation

    I highly recommend Rich Coppens. Rich has a wealth of expertise to draw upon from his study of numerous martial arts over the past 30 years. He has effectively synthesized his knowledge to provide instruction that based on solid motion theory that results in practical and effective defense skills for his students. Rich is also an excellent teacher and provides instruction in an easy to understand manner and promotes an environment for learning that is positive, safe, and fun.

  • Solutions Architect at Insurity

    Rich is an outstanding martial arts instructor. He has a tremendous focus on detail and the ability to impart lessons from his own competition experience. Rich has a real passion for the martial arts and his enthusiasm provides a positive training environment for his students. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to train with Rich

  • Owner, Signature Quality Pools LLC

    I have the pleasure and the honor of studying Martial Arts with Rich for almost a year now. Rich's experience as a fighter and his concentration on detail make him invaluable as a teacher/mentor/friend. Rich's easy going demeanor and ability to easliy grasp your attention enable him to lead anyone from ordinary to extraordinary!!! 

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