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Some things to think about when watching this video, when someone grabs you with one or both hands you have no idea what their intention is. They may grab you to punch you, Knee, head butt, spit, yell, push or pull etc... so the options I'm showing are only a few, but there are many others based on what your attacker does. Most students stay with what the base technique teaches and don't or never train in the what if phase, this is a problem because if the student who becomes an instructor and only does what the book says and never explores the what if phase he or she is limiting their Kenpo development. But remember you must have a solid base technique to work from so hard work training on the mat is a must. In any art it's not how long you been training but how many training hours you been at it that count.

Posted by Richard Coppens on March 25, 2017 at 5:59 PM 1004 Views

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