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Kenpo Action Clip 7 Headlock Escape Real Test Add Video

A technique only works for the student in theory until tested. Here we have some different variations of headlock escapes, notice the student is wearing a glove. It is the attackers job to headlock and punch the student in the head as many times as possible. Training like this is important because the student needs to work his escape even if he gets hit in real time. This is the benefit of learning and training in striking arts. Kenpo Karate is a self-defense system based on the natural movements of the body, the basic law of science that for every action there is an equal reaction. Rich has competitive experience in boxing and kickboxing and has trained amateur boxers for professional matches as a licensed trainer/coach by the Pennsylvania Boxing Commission. In addition he has worked with college and Pro football players to improve their hand speed and footwork through Kenpo training. This martial art is designed for self defense in a street fight. Although the system is defined and precise, the strength of Kenpo is in its ability to defend against an attack from any opponent, from any angle regardless of the individual's size or strength. Kenpo is an art that anyone can learn and benefit from whether young or old, male or female. Kenpo is meant to be practical. The techniques are built in response to an attack whether it is a kick, punch or grab, each technique is practiced until it becomes automatic and as the student progresses in his/her belt level they learn how to transcend the learned technique to respond to any situation. Kenpo Karate is a system of self-defense that is usable, sensible and easy to learn. Download our free school App at

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